First appeared in Trading and Stuff
Gender Female
Animal(Reality) Rabbit
Animal(AJ) Rabbit
Friends Layla, Jasper, Liam, Clarissa, Heidi, Foxy, Snowbelle
Zelda is one of Jasper's friends. She is a sweet bunny who is always there for her friends. Along with her best friend, Layla, she likes trading and getting rare items.

Appearance Edit

Zelda is a small black and brown rabbit. She has small, beady, brown eyes and upright ears. Her mold has her standing with her back feet towards her belly.

In Fashion Runaway, she wore a pink tiara bow with ribbon coming out of it and a yellow carrier bottle.

Role Edit

Below are a brief explanation of Zelda's roles in each episode he has appeared in.

Trading and Stuff Edit

Zelda's friend, Layla, notices Pegasus's trading party. The two run off to it. When they get there she immediately notices Jasper. We find that she has a crush on him. Layla cuts her thinking off and they run off to start trading. Later the two are seen having an argument with a lion. Jasper ends the argument and they introduce each other. At the end, Layla, Jasper and Liam go to Zelda's den to get to know each other.

Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

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Fashion Runaway Edit

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Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She likes Jasper but is too shy to tell.
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