Trading and Stuff
Episode 2
Release Date Remake: July 31 2015
Duration 5:45
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Episode 1 Cheetahs Gonna Cheat
Trading and Stuff is episode 2 of Animal Jam in Real Life. The original Trading and Stuff has been deleted and since has been remade.

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Jasper is seen sleeping in his den. Out of nowhere Liam appears and wakes him up. He is here to get Jasper for their new adventure, a trading party. Liam rushes to Jamaa Township after explaining and leaves Jasper to get ready.

At Jamaa Township, they wait for a trading party. As soon as they arrive Pegasus announces he is hosting one at his den. Jasper and Liam go to his den following other Jammers since they don't know where to go. Meanwhile a snow leopard called Layla and a rabbit named Zelda also have seen Pegasus's announcement. Like Jasper and Liam those two also go to his den.

At Pegasus's den Jasper and Liam go around asking other Jammers for trade offers. Each time, however, they get turned down. Layla and Zelda have arrived at this point. While Layla goes on about things, Zelda notices Jasper and grows feelings for him. Layla interrupts her and the two go off trading themselves. Jasper and Liam meet up and discuss about what they got, which is nothing. Jasper says they shouldn't and so they try again.

Layla and Zelda are next seen talking to a rude lion. Layla and the lion are having an argument but then someone stops them. This animal is Jasper. He breaks them up and the lion walks off in annoyance. Layla introduces herself and Zelda and so does Jasper. Liam arrives and they all go to Zelda's den to get to know each other.

Triva Edit

  • This is the shortest episode so far.
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