First appeared in Episode 1
Gender Female
Animal(Reality) Arctic Fox
Animal(AJ) Arctic Fox
Friends Foxy, Jasper, Zelda, Liam, Layla, Heidi, Wretched
Snowbelle is a fox that loves fashion and trading. Her best friend is Foxy. Together, they try to get boys to fall in love with them.

Appearance Edit

Snowbelle is a snow white fox with small black eyes and nose. She has a bushy tail. Her mold has her in a walking pose.

In Fashion Runaway and Begging For Love, she wore a pink skirt.

Role Edit

Below is a brief description of the roles Snowbelle has had in each episode she appeared in.

Episode 1 Edit

When Jasper goes to Jamaa Township Snowbelle is talking to Foxy. Snowbelle gives her a trade offer and Foxy says she will think about it.

Trading and Stuff Edit

Snowbelle and Foxy are together in Jamaa Township. Later the two of them are at Pegasus's trading party.

Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

Snowbelle is one of the animals waiting for the new animal, Clarissa. Later on and through out the episode she is in Jamaa Township.

Fashion Runaway Edit

Snowbelle is one of the contestants in Heidi's fashion show. More info coming soon.

Begging For Love Edit

More info coming soon.

Gallery Edit

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