First appeared in Episode 1
Gender Male
Animal(Reality) Pegasus
Animal(AJ) Horse
Friends Unknown
Pegasus is a horse who hosts trading parties and parties very often.

Appearance Edit

Pegasus is a white horse with a silver glittery mane and tail. His feet and top of his white outstretched wings have this colour as well. His mold has him rearing up.

Role Edit

Below is a description of Pegasus's role in each episode he has appeared in.

Episode 1 Edit

Pegasus is seen in Jamaa Township when Jasper gets there. He is hosting a trading party at his den.

Trading and Stuff Edit

Pegasus hosts a trading party at his den in Jamaa Township. Later he appears at his own den for the party.

Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

Pegasus is one of the animals waiting to see the new animal, Clarissa. Later in Jamaa Township, he is hosting a party that only 'cool people can come to'. Layla asks if she can come but he says she can't since no one knows who she is. When Clarissa asks to he agrees straight away and leaves Layla out. For the rest of the episode he is in Jamaa Township.

Begging For Love Edit

Pegasus is seen in Jamaa Township.

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