First appeared in Episode 1
Gender Male
Animal(Reality) German Shepard
Animal(AJ) Wolf
Friends Jasper, Zelda, Layla, Clarissa, Heidi, Foxy, Snowbelle
Liam is a wolf and Jasper's best friend. He is a bit forgetful and silly but nevertheless a great friend.

Appearance Edit

Liam is black and brown with colours lighter and darker in certain parts. They are shown in the classic German Shepard markings. He has brown/orange eyes and a big black nose. His mold has him standing upright and his tongue poking out.

In Fashion Runaway he wore an over sized purple paw necklace and a black spiked wristband.

Roles Edit

Here is a brief description of Liam's role in each episode he has been in.

Episode 1 Edit

Liam bumps into Jasper at Jamaa Township. He quickly apologizes and wants to be buddies. He helps Jasper get to his den. Through out the episode. Liams tells him about various things. He then suggests they go exploring. At the end he goes home to relax.

Trading and Stuff

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Cheetahs Gonna Cheat

Liam is one of the animals waiting for the new animal, Clarissa. Before she arrives, Liam says that he heard it might be a cheetah. After all that, Layla suggests that they check up on what is happening in Jamaa Township and Liam agrees along with the others. Liam wants to play Four Gems with another animal but says that he is are busy. When Clarissa asks to play a game, he says he will much to Liam's dismay. Later on he meets up with rest but notices that Zelda is missing. Jasper says that she was in the shops last but Liam says he went past and didn't see her. He waits for hours with the rest but gives up and goes home.

When Jasper is running away from hypnotized Ashley, Zelda and Layla, he bumps into Liam and says his reliefs. Somehow he is also hypnotized. Jasper ties to awaken him but it fails. But instead of chasing him he walks off.

Fashion Runaway

Liam has told Jasper, Zelda, Layla and Clarissa to meet him in Jamaa Township. He arrives late. Liam announces that he thinks they should have a 'rest day' and that they should go to a Fashion Show. Clarissa says she doesn't want to and Liam allows her to leave. Once Heidi comes and says she will be hosting a Fashion Show, Liam, along with the remaining three, goes to her den. He notices how a lot of people have come to her den. He also seems to be excited about the prize, a fox hat. Liam dresses up in a black spike wristband and a purple paw necklace.

Liam joins the search to find the fox hat Wretched stole. When they split up he goes to the left. Later on he joins the rest and corners Wretched. He re-joins the Fashion Show at the end and congratulates Snowbelle when she wins.

Begging For Love

Liam has invited Jasper to see him in Sarepia Forest. Liam admits he had no plan on what to do their and together with Jasper thinks of an idea. After a fifteen minute think they have nothing. However Liam notices Snowbelle and Foxy so they go over to the two girls. They find out they are thinking of ways to tell their 'future boyfriends' that they like them. When the girls go over, he and Jasper wish them luck.

Later on in Jamaa Township, Foxy has given up but Snowbelle keeps trying. He sees her try again and once again wishes her luck. After she leaves he says she's wasting her time. Since asking out Wretched fails again, Liam helps her. They go to Clarissa and heavily implies he (and the other two) asks her to hypnotize. She says no and then they go to Heidi. She dresses Snowbelle up and he says that Wretched will "like" her new look. When Wretched finally agrees and Snowbelle is going to hang out with me and his friends, Liam wishes her luck.

When Snowbelle comes back, Liam is in Jamaa Township with Jasper and Foxy. He asks her if they became a couple. Liam joins the rest when they go play games.

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