First appeared in Trading and Stuff
Gender Female
Animal(Reality) Leopard
Animal(AJ) Snow Leopard
Friends Zelda, Jasper, Liam, Clarissa, Foxy, Snowbelle, Heidi
Layla is one of Jasper's friends. She makes friends easily and loves parties. Only with her best friend, Zelda, she likes trading and getting rare items.

Appearance Edit

Layla is a sandy coloured leopard with orange and black spots. She has blue eyes and around her neck is a yellow collar with a big paw-print on it. Her mold has her sitting down with her tail curled.

In Fashion Runaway, she wore a big orange hat and bow along with her collar.

Role Edit

Below is a brief description of Layla's role in each episode she has appeared in.

Trading and Stuff Edit

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Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

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Fashion Runaway Edit

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Gallery Edit

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