First appeared in Episode 1
Gender Male
Animal(Reality) Rabbit
Animal(AJ) Rabbit
Friends Liam, Zelda, Layla, Clarissa, Heidi, Foxy, Snowbelle
Jasper is the protagonist for Animal Jam in Real Life. He is a new Jammer and is still learning about the place he now calls home. He makes friends easily and overall is a nice and friendly bunny. His best friends are Liam, Zelda and Layla.

Appearance Edit

Jasper is a small, sandy coloured rabbit with lighter coloured ears, feet, mouth and belly. He has brown eyes. His mold has him standing upright with his front feet in front of him.

In Fashion Runaway he wears a little brown hat, a purple necklace and a black pirate sword.

Role Edit

Below are a brief explanation of Jasper's roles in each episode he has appeared in.

Episode 1 Edit

Jasper is moving to Jamaa and is pushing a red suitcase along. He meets the panda Alpha, Liza, at the statue of Mira. She tells him the basic things he needs to know. He says his goodbye and heads to Jamaa Township. There a wolf by the name of Liam bumps into him. They become buddies quickly and Liam helps him find his den. After getting to his den and having a few things explained, they go adventuring. After all that he goes to his den to relax

Trading and Stuff Edit

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Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

Jasper is alone in Jamaa Township since no one told him a new animal was coming. He eventually sees a large group of animals and goes over to have a look. There he meets his friends. After the new animal introduces herself (Clarissa the Cheetah), he goes back to Jamaa Township with everyone else. He goes to Heidi looking to trade for her scarf. She says it's not for trade but that soon changes when Clarissa comes along. He grumbles and walks away. Later he meets up with the rest but Liam realizes Zelda hasn't returned. They wait for a hours but still no Zelda. Liam and Layla give up but Jasper says he will still look for her.

Jasper is still looking for her in Jamaa Township when Ashley walks up to him. She tells him she needs to show him something in Temple of Zios so he follows her. He is reunited with Zelda here and Clarissa happens to be there. The latter tries to hypnotize him but fails and realizes the other two are. He runs off to find his other friend. He finds Layla but she is hypnotized too. He runs off with Layla, Zelda and Ashley chasing after him. He gets to Liam who also is hypnotized but he pays no attention. The three girls corner him but when he thinks he's over Ashley wakes up to herself. He runs off as Layla wakes up as well but Zelda is still after him. He bumps into Clarissa and Zelda wakes up. Jasper then says to Clarissa that he reported her to the Alphas and Liza comes. Afterwards Clarissa apologizes and they become friends.

Fashion Runaway Edit

Jasper along with Zelda, Layla and Clarissa are waiting for Liam in Jamaa Township since he wanted to meet them there. Liam comes and says he wants to go to a Fashion Show. Jasper agrees along with Layla and Zelda. The four of them go to Heidi the horses den since she is hosting a fashion show. He dresses up for the show.

After Wretched steals the fox hat, Jasper suggests chasing after him. They run off after him and they split up into groups, Jasper going with Zelda. Along with the rest, he corners Wretched to get the fox hat back.

At the end Jasper congratulates Snowbelle for winning.

Begging For Love Edit

Jasper is with Liam at Sarepia Forest. He asks what they are doing and then complains when Liam says he had no ideas. They think about it for a while but still nothing. Eventually they go talk to Foxy and Snowbelle who are wanting to talk to their 'future boyfriends'. The girls plan fail and they are now in Jamaa Township. Snowbelle says she doesn't want to give up so she tries again with her skirt off. She returns in defeat and asks for help. Jasper suggests they go to Clarissa but she says no. With Liam and Snowbelle they go to Heidi. The boys 'compliment' her new outfit Heidi gave her. Once Snowbelle says she's going with Wretched he wishes her luck along with Liam.

They wait for Snowbelle with Foxy and the former explains that she changed her mind and is okay on her own. Jasper then goes with everyone else to play some games.

Gallery Edit

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