First appeared in Cheetahs Gonna Cheat
Gender Female
Animal(Reality) Unicorn
Animal(AJ) Horse
Friends Jasper, Liam, Zelda, Layla, Snowbelle, Foxy
Heidi is a horse that loves fashion. She frequently hosts fashion shows in her den. She can also help people to become 'fabulous'.

Appearance Edit

Heidi is a sandy coloured horse with white spots that look like a deer. She has blonde mane and tail and a fluffy bit on her chest. Her horn is silver and her hoofs are grey. She has brown eyes and under her eyes markings that kind of look like an antelopes.

Role Edit

Below is a brief description of Heidi's role in each episode she has appeared in.

Cheetahs Gonna Cheat Edit

Heidi is part of the group of animals that is waiting for the new animal. Once Clarissa appears, she says she looks gorgeous. Later on she is in Jamaa Township. Jasper asks to trade for her scarf but she rudely says no. When Clarissa asks to she says she can and says anything will do, even a necklace.

Fashion Runaway Edit

More info coming soon.

Begging For Love Edit

Snowbelle comes to her looking to make herself prettier for Wretched. Heidi agrees to do so and dresses her up.

Gallery Edit

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