Fashion Runaway
Episode 4
Release Date May 19, 2014
Duration 10:53
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Fashion Runaway is the 4th episode of Animal Jam in Real Life.

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Plot Edit

Jasper, Zelda, Layla and Clarissa are in Jamaa Township waiting for Liam who has told them to meet him there. Liam arrives and suggests they go to a fashion show or something. Everyone but Clarissa agrees and instead says it's childish. Just as she leaves, a horse by the name of Heidi announces she will be hosting a 'fashionable' fashion show at her den. One by one they go to her den.

At Heidi's den, they are met with their rivals, the two foxes Foxy and snowbelle and a wolf called Wretched. Heidi introduces the prize which is a fox hat. She then introduces the theme of the round where she says to dress as fashionable as they want. Everyone gets dressed up. Heidi loves how everyone looks but unfortunately someone has to be out. This animal happens to be Wretched who walks off in anger. As Heidi announces the next theme Wretched steals the fox hat behind her, running off. The remaining contestants and Heidi herself chase after him but not before changing back to normal.

The searching party split up into groups. When Wretched is running away he bumps into Clarissa, bowling her over. He explains to her that he's in a hurry because 'scammers are chasing him'. Foxy and Layla catch up to him and he runs off with the two girls hot on his heels. Zelda meets up with Clarissa and explains the true story. She then suggests she should come too she she does.

Clarissa bumps into Wretched for a second time and saves time by offering to help. Everybody else arrives and Wretched now realizes her true plan. They corner him and return the fox hat to it's rightful owner, Heidi. Layla then thinks of a punishment for him which is to help Heidi judge her fashion show. At the end he chooses Snowbelle as the winner and she wins the fox hat.

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