Cheetahs Gonna Cheat
Episode 3
Release Date November 3/4, 2013
Duration 8:20 & 9:07
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Cheetahs Gonna Cheat is the 3rd episode of Animal Jam In Real Life. It is separated in two separate parts.

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Part 1

The episode begins with Jasper alone in Jamaa Township. It's revealed that a new animal is coming to Jamaa but nobody told him. He goes to a large group of animals who are waiting for this new animal. Zelda, Layla and Liam talk about what is to be expected and what kind of animal it could be. The animal arrives and is a cheetah called Clarissa. Layla gets excited and wants to meet her up front. However, Clarissa ignores her and talks to Ashley the horse instead who is going to take her to her den. Despite Layla's disappointment, everyone meets up in Jamaa Township.

Everyone goes off to do their own thing. Their plans are disturbed through since no one else will trade them, invite them to their party or play a game. Instead the animals do these things with Clarissa (who now wears a necklace) even though they said no to the other. While the rest are not having fun, Zelda is quiet lost and doesn't know where to go. Clarissa approaches her and asks her to look at her necklace. Zelda asks where she got it from and she replies saying it belonged to her mother who died in a house fire. Clarissa lightens the mood and tells her she wants to show her something in her den. Zelda agrees to and follows her.

Jasper, Liam and Layla re-meet and realize Zelda hasn't returned. They wait for hours and she still hasn't shown up. Liam and Layla give up while Jasper decides to keep looking.

Part 2

Clarissa and Zelda are still walking to her den and the latter complains. Clarissa reassures her but soon changes her mind to stay where they are. She tricks Zelda by asking for an item and then looking at her necklace. This hypnotizes her and she falls asleep. Once she asks up, Clarissa can get her items without trading. She then orders Ashley, who is also hypnotized, to get other animals to trick.

At Jamaa Township, Ashley walks into Jasper who is still looking for Zelda. She leads him to Clarissa at the Temple of Zios despite his suspicions. At this place, he is reunited with Zelda, who is acting the same as the horse he traveled with. Clarissa tries to hypnotize Jasper but he soon catches on and runs off to get help. She orders her two 'minions' to catch him.

Jasper runs to Layla and begins explaining his story. However she somehow is hypnotized as well and he runs off again to find Liam. Now Ashley, Zelda and Layla are chasing him. Liam also happens to be hypnotized as well but walks off without caring. The three girls catch up to him and corner him. Just as he thinks its over, they start to wake up (besides Zelda) and be themselves again. He runs away since at the time only Ashley woke up and runs into Clarissa again. Hypnotized Zelda chases him but wakes up as she gets there. Clarissa is shocked at this. Jasper then says that he reported her to the Alphas. Liza appears and tells her what shes doing is wrong. She replies saying she didn't know and just wanted to get cool items. Liza suggests for her to return the items and get the cool ones by doing what everyone else did, trading. Clarissa apologizes and returns the items.

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