Begging For Love
Episode 5
Release Date July 23, 2014
Duration 12:59
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Fashion Runaway  ???
Begging For Love is the 5th episode of Animal Jam in Real Life. Technically, Snowbelle is the main character for this episode.

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Plot Edit

Liam and Jasper are in Sarepia Forest without Layla and Zelda it is going to be a 'just them' day. Jasper asks what they are going to do and Liam admits he didn't think beforehand. They think of no ideas but they do decide to go to Foxy and Snowbelle to have a chat. It turns out that they are thinking of ways to talk to their 'future boyfriends' who happen to be Wretched and his friend. They work up their courage and go over, expressing their desire to be together. The two boys decline but Snowbelle won't give up. Foxy decides not to and instead when they go to Jamaa Township asks if people like her to go to her den.

Snowbelle is now talking with Jasper and Liam. She decides to try again but instead take the skirt off she was wearing beforehand. This time she says she just wants to hang out but gets the same result as last time. She meets up with Jasper and Liam again and asks if they know someone who can help. They go to Clarissa and is heavily implied they asking her to hypnotize Wretched but she says no. After that they ask Heidi to make Snowbelle prettier and she agrees. She returns now with her skirt, a purple necklace and a pink bow/flower on her. She tries again and Wretched gives up and says she can come hang out with him and his friends.

At Wretched's friend meeting, he introduces her to everyone. They then get straight into the activities they do and they aren't really up to her standard. After that, they read one of his friends comic book but (unintentionally) block Snowbelle out. The meeting ends and she walks off. As she leaves Wretched walks up to her and says he wouldn't mind being her boyfriend. However Snowbelle has changed her mind and says she is alright on her own for now.

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